Work with communities

In 2018 we started working with the Iku indigenous community in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (Colombia – South America), with a great interest in learning about our roots, and committed to becoming a bridge between the indigenous culture in our territory and the rest of the world: to become a channel for sharing all we have learned in our own country and in the rest of the world.


New communities of artisans, around Colombia

Today, thanks to a latent desire to generate an important social and cultural impact in our country, our family is growing with three new communities of artisans: a collective of women living in vulnerable conditions in Medellin, a community of plantain fiber weavers in San Agustín, Huila, and a community of hatters in Yopal, Casanare.

Community of weavers, Huila

The community in San Agustin has specialized in weaving objects from plantain fibers, which they produce themselves in their own territory. The colors of these new woven objects are obtained from vegetable dye, which they handcraft and process within their community.



Community of hatters, Casanare

The community of hatters in Yopal specializes in crafting typical llanero felt hats, combining artisanal techniques to create objects that are made into symbols of cultural empowerment. 

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