Work with communities

We began working with Colombian indigenous communities since the beginning of 2018. We did so, moved by a great interest in learning about our roots, while at the same time seeking to have a positive social and cultural impact in our country.

While researching the infinite number of indigenous cultures we have in Colombia, we were especially inspired by 4 indigenous communities that inhabit the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. These 4 communities, the Kogui, Arhuaco, Wiwa and Kankuamo peoples, are profoundly spiritual, they profess great respect for the earth and all the beings that inhabit it. They are great caretakers of nature and their law is based on asking for permission and making an exchange for anything they take.

Tigre de Salón is inspired by the way these 4 communities view the world. They also participate directly, weaving special elements for us. With our collections, we do not only share their vision of the world, we also contribute to the development and maintenance of their ancient and cultural traditions.

We currently work hand in hand with women from the Arhuaca community in Nabusimake and Sabana Crespo, and with Kankuama and Wiwa weavers, from the Atánquez region, in the department of Cesar. The latter belong to the Pro-Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta foundation, that supports the Kankuama Indigenous Organization (OIK, in Spanish) and other artisans from the region.

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