Tigre de Salón

stories in objects.

We are a design-focused brand, mindful of our context and its realities. We do things with our hands and our heart. We treasure nature in all its manifestations, and we live off the stories we find in each and every being and place. We are a brand that takes its time: a timeless and long-lasting brand. 

 At TdS we create objects that highlight the value of ancient Colombian crafts, made by hand, and with great human value. We create beautiful objects with treasured stories, that value the passage of time and the dreams of their artisans.

"We believe in the materials provided by the land"

like natural leather, wool, and plant fibers.

Traditional trades

one by one

The objects we create at TdS are the handiwork of different artisans. A Tigre results from a mixture of contemporary design, traditional craft, and ancient Colombian trades. 

 Leather work is the craft that brought TdS to life in 2014 and has defined us as a brand ever since. Leather work is a traditional trade in our country, especially in Antioquia, the place where we were born and where we base our operations.

We believe in the materials provided by the land, like leather, wool, and plant fibers. We use these materials with deep respect, honoring their living origin, avoiding pollutant processes, and exhibiting their original characteristics regarding their color, appearance and texture.

Verónica Franco

Creative director

“I believe with my entire soul that creativity and love can change many things, that design and what you do every day can make positive changes in all areas of life, from nature to our communities. 

From the first moment, we have not stopped working to transmit to the people around us our feelings about life, which is based on enjoying the simple things, on honoring our roots, on telling stories that go beyond the objects, communicating their soul, and working responsibly regarding the environment and the people that surround me”.

Tigre is

Timeless – Natural - Essential – Honest

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