Our essence

“Simple life, simple bags”

Tigre de Salón is a creative brand; aware of its environment and the things that happen around it, it is handmade and heart-made, it appreciates nature in all its manifestation, it lives from stories and finds them everywhere. Tigre de Salón is a brand that takes its time. It is a timeless and perennial brand.

We create objects that highlight the value of ancient crafts and handmade things, pure and beautiful objects that treasure stories, journeys and dreams. We believe in the beauty of the simple.

Essential - Timeless- Handmade

Three words


est. 2014

Tigre de Salón was born out of a fascination for design, simple-functional objects, our ancient traditions and a joy in everyday things. It was founded in 2014 by Verónica Franco Vélez, its current creative director.

“From the first moment, we have not stopped working to transmit to the people around us our feelings about life, which is based on enjoying the simple things, on recovering our roots, on telling stories that go beyond the objects, communicating their soul, and working responsibly regarding the environment and the people that surround me”.

Verónica Franco

Creative director

Tigre de Salón was born out of a passion I felt in my gut, and that I decided to make a reality ever since I was studying Industrial Design. I am an impulsive and passionate woman, who is not afraid of challenges. I believe with my entire soul that creativity and love can change many things, that design and what you do every day can make positive changes in all areas of life, from nature to our communities,” says Verónica.

Tigre is

Perennial – Essential – Honest – Consistent

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