A Tigre Has 7 Lives

Our A Tigre Has 7 Lives project is based on a desire to provide all our pieces with a second life once their owner does not want to use them anymore. This guarantees that all Tigres will be used for as long as possible, even for more than one lifetime (just like our grandparents’ old leather suitcase, that was passed down from generation to generation, becoming even more valuable and beautiful over time).

The main idea is to encourage people that have owned a Tigre de Salón, have kept it in storage for years and don’t want to use it any more, not to throw it out or abandon it, but to send it back to us. By having them return it we guarantee that we will repair it and give it a new life for someone else that wants to own it. Returned pieces will be exchanged for a 35% discount voucher towards purchasing a new Tigre.

Returned Tigres undergo a renewal and repair process at our workshop and are then sold at our vintage bazaar, A Tiger Has 7 Lives, which we hold every 6 months.

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