Care, Tigre over time

The leather we use at Tigre de Salón is as natural as possible. We select the pieces one by one to guarantee is quality and provenance. This leather has no paint or extra processes apart from the tanning process, thus avoiding unnecessary and polluting processes. We honor and respect the living provenance of this material, exhibiting its original texture with all its markings and scratches that make it unique.

Natural leather changes over time and with use, becoming softer and darker, which make it a more perennial and beautiful object over time.

Tigre de Salon’s materials, both the leather and the textile and woven foundations, were selected to make sure our pieces last A LIFETIME. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

Clean evenly with a moist cloth (only use water or soft white soap). Let dry in the shade. If the object has fabric or woven cloth, 

wash by hand using a soft soap.

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