a community of weavers

A project that gives voice to social discourses and narratives that, through interwoven pieces, represent human complexity and its deepest essence.

TRAMAS COLECTIVAS, a community of weavers  seeks to teach artisanal knowledge in the craft of weaving to groups of people living in vulnerable situations in the city of Medellin.

Tramas Colectivas will give birth to communities of weavers that will both create new pieces and collections for TdS and provide a place for dialog, growth and weaving, where they can generate income and possibilities for transformative work for themselves and their families.

Fuerza, Libertad, Isi, Kwa y Camino

They collect in their woof part of the history of

Jaqueline, Flor, Sandra, Elvia Rosa, Milena, Teresa, Angela, Jaqueline …

A story that talks about the real meaning of being a woman, a story that is as much of hers as ours …

First community of weavers, fundamental purpose

We began the first Tramas Colectivas community of weavers alongside 9 wonderful working women from the Veracruz, Barbacoas and el Raudal sectors in the center of Medellin. This first group was made possible thanks to the *Putamente Poderosas collective with whom we have been working hand-in-hand throughout the year.

Together with them, we created this new collection woven in fique, natural cotton fibers, and wooden beads.


*Putamente Poderosas is an organization that seeks to highlight the issues surrounding sex work in Colombia, and to become a bridge between sex workers, the government, and the citizenry, to achieve social transformation.

“At Tigre de Salón we believe lives and stories can be rewoven, and that handicrafts give new meaning to our presence in the world. Weaving, in and of itself, is a metaphor for life.”

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