The Path of the Tiger

“Under darkness that night he went on his way, wearing his golden mask, where you could see his powerful fangs and a clear expression of power. The jaguar (called the “Tiger” by Colombian farmers) could see in the night because his eyes shone in the darkness.

The “tiger’s” goal was to reach the land where the sun is born, where the Iku people live. Its first steps were cautious, however, in no time he was flying (if I was a tiger I would also fly through the mountains! This would allow me to run and walk faster).

When he finally reached the village, the tiger began to sing while the Iku danced behind him… he danced too. After dancing around the fire, to the music of the accordion and the indigenous songs, the “tiger” became a person and told the whole village what he had seen with other eyes. The Iku listened carefully, because they knew that tigers are wise; they are wise because they have an animal’s brain, they are wise because the sing at night, tigers are wise because of what the jungle teaches them.”

 The story for this new collection was created together with the design studio La Casa de Carlota, which uses Neurodiversity and lateral thinking as creative strategies applied to design.

The indigenous myth says that, by wearing elements that make reference to the jaguar (the so-called tiger), we can see and experience the world as he does; we can perceive reality differently. For La Casa de Carlota and for Tigre de Salón, to see the world through the tiger’s eyes means to see other people, it means thinking of things differently, it means seeing with eyes that shine in the dark.

When you wear a Tigre de Salón from our new collection, you will be wearing the elements of the jaguar, enabling you to see the world through his eyes, the eyes of a jaguar.



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