Casa de Libélulas

The butterfly, her fluttering, her mutations, reflect life itself.

Her balanced and ephemeral passage, reminds us of how finite we are. 

Her movement through the world is continuous transcendence.

She leaves her skin behind, impressions, trails in her wake.  

Our objects are reminders that we dance between change and eternity.

They prove that we inhabited that we were present. 

Objects are the vestige of lives lived. 

The quest for eternity is condemnation and possibility we die and we transcend,  like butterflies.

What we treasure as an amulet, as a totem, Is a guide along our way.

It gives us a reference in the world. It symbolizes the passage of time our connection to the sacred.

Tigre de Salón presents:  C A S A  D E  L I B É L U L A S / 2020 Collection

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