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How little we know about love, but what great power it holds over us. Love wakes us up, makes us breathe, makes us live. It is the instinct of survival and immortality that exists in every living being; the universal force. Love saves us, love lives us. Sometimes it dances between pain and joy and asks us to silence our fears.


Is it to meet in the middle?


Love is heard to define in words, but that is what it means in the end: to give up reason, to exist without understanding.  Simply  l o v e.



Photography: Alejandra Quintero

Art: Conga Conga

Production: Alejandra Quintero, Tigre de Salón, Camilo Díaz 

Make up artist: Camila Gutierrez


 1. Romantic love: Sara Cardenas Y Juan Guillermo Rojo.

2. Strong love: Natalia Gutierrez y Carlos Saldarriaga

3. Fearless love: Francisco Jaramillo y Fellipe Agudelo

4. Holding love, love between sister and brother: Lilo y Camilo Diaz

5. First love, father and daughter: Bernardo y Verónica Franco.

6. Self love: Margarita Gomez

7. Love to life: Gabriela del Mar Carder.

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