Vegetal Capsule Collection

Three new tigers, three new stories, inspired by women that, like Tigre de Salón, allow themselves to be surprised, do things with their hands and heart, and want to tell stories that are worth remembering and telling others. This is the Tigre de Salón Vegetal capsule, handmade products using plant fibers, threaded and woven fique from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, dyed using plant dyes by the indigenous Wiwa people, baskets woven out of serge, traditional Wayuu hats woven from fibers of the Mawisa palm that grows in the Makuira mountain range in the Guajira region

I want to pay homage to 3 women, 3 Tigres de Salón:


Julia is beauty. Yes, beauty, with all the difficulties inherent to a definition of this far-reaching and subjective word, this is how I feel her. Julia is a woman who cannot be instantly defined; she becomes, little by little, as you listen to and observe her.

Julia is a physically beautiful woman, but even more beautiful is the way she feels, and how her soul is as full of nuances as this magnificent word. Julia’s beauty is, for me, the “quality of a person, animal or thing capable of provoking sensory, intellectual and spiritual pleasure in the person contemplating or listening to them.”

Julia has viewed all beings with great admiration and respect ever since she can remember. For her, we are all animals and we should all be free and respected. Today she is accompanied by 4 beings; her dogs, Lupe, Soledad, Pipo, and Gera, her partner. Each of them has come into her life under different circumstances, just as teachers appear along our path without warning and leaving great lessons behind.

Her dogs Gera and Soledad

Throughout her life she has always worked on mindful and responsible consumer projects, where exchanges are not simply commercial, but have the goal of communicating and sharing a way of thinking about life and infecting people around her to give rise to positive changes related to animals and nature.

From Julia I learnt that life is under constant transformation, that starting from scratch as many times as is necessary is perfect and fundamental, and that a lot of bravery is required to follow one’s heart, and to go against established ways to be faithful to an earnest desire.


Elvira at her bakery La Maga

I felt a special connection to Elvira’s stories right from the start. Elvira is a psychologist by profession and worked for a while with armed groups during their demobilization process. While immersed in this world she got to know many different people involved in the Colombian conflict very closely, she discovered the sensitive and human side inherent to each being, and she understood that one must always look into people’s hearts without judgement. She understood that we are all equals, that “we are the same, but in different situations”. Elvira understood that we all have a loving side, and that no one is isolated from this powerful feeling.

When we feel love for someone or something, we care for it as though it were sacred, like a treasure. If we were to love everything and everyone around us, we would be able to care for each other, creating a union within which we could find balance; and balance is not static, but the union of many moving forces.

Elvira loves to be out in nature

After several years as a psychologist, Elvira began working on another of her passions: cooking, and especially baking as she fell in love with bread. Today, Elvira is “La Maga” and she cooks to provide wellbeing and share her vision of unity and love with everyone that visits her bakery.

From Elvira, I learnt about love, a love where we are all worth the same, which unites instead of dividing and praises the good instead of criticizing. From Elvira I learnt that the foundation for everything is love.


I have had a special chemistry with Moré, Ana, for years. We used to do yoga together, and since that time we have felt an affinity towards each other. Moré has always painted her surroundings. She has done this since she was small because she enjoys being alone, however, it took her a long time to discover that she painted with a great talent and that she could make a living from it.

Moré at her studio

Several years ago, she ventured out on a trip alone through Latin America that changed her life. On this journey she discovered that she could make a living from what she loved to do. She decided to accept herself as she was and, for the first time, felt happy with herself. She decided to care for herself above everything else, and connected to her essence, charm, pure energy and talent. Ana understood that she is made of the same stuff the earth is.

Today, Ana is a woman who listens to her heart and shares it through her paintings. Moré makes a living from her illustrations and leaves a beautiful mark on others when she tattoos them.

From Moré, I learned that we must first take care of ourselves before we can take care of others. I learned that we must be happy with ourselves if we are to live in harmony and balance and become capable of creating all that we imagine. Live in tune with ourselves and with the earth.

In the end, I confirmed that my vision for my life, my “vibe” and Tigre de Salón is nourished by encounters with surprising hearts. Along this journey with Julia, Moré and Elvira, I learnt that we can only be reborn when we are aware of our surroundings, that it is valid to begin again without forgetting that we need to listen if we are to love and love if we are to achieve an essential connection to others, to animals, to nature and to the earth. This is the only way there will be balance.

I present you with the “Vegetal” capsule collection.

Verónica Franco. Tigre de Salón.

Creative Director.

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