TRAMAS COLECTIVAS, comunidad de tejedores

Today, more than ever, we firmly believe that true change always expands from the inside out, like a “Spiral”. This change, that takes place first within our innermost being, can grow, become an example, and spread to many others around us. When lots of people begin to change individually, it becomes collective and strong.

At Tigre de Salón we believe that, for truly valuable change to occur for everyone, the first step is to change our daily life, and then scale up and include other people. In this same way, a Tutu (Bag), begins from the center, or heart, and extends in a spiral until the completed object is finished and made resistant and long-lasting thanks to this method of weaving and the combination of its knots. Ultimately, weaving is a metaphor for life itself.

This feeling, which we call “Espiral”, gave birth to the project TRAMAS COLECTIVAS, a community of weavers.

At Tigre de Salón we believe lives and stories can be rewoven, and that handicrafts give new meaning to our presence in the world. Weaving, in and of itself, is a metaphor for life, and thus we work with women and men whose weave is full of tears and knots, broken and dirty parts, and parts that have been torn by other people.

We are convinced that we can re-weave our fabric, that we can modify our existence, understanding our power to create, to transform our lives, our world, and the lives and worlds of others. Weaving allows us to feel powerful, to connect with our feelings and desires, and to connect to our creative power.

Tramas Colectivas, a community of weavers is a project that seeks to create communities of weavers that explore ancient artisanal knowledge and give rise to reciprocal financial and ontological relationships between Tigre de Salón and collectives of men and women that live in vulnerability and discrimination, due to their sexual, ethnic, political, gender and working conditions.

The idea of Tramas Colectivas is to create new Tigres that contain pieces woven by these communities we set up. This will allow us to create spaces for dialog, growth and weaving, and provide financial income and employment options for members of the community.

We began our first community of weavers with 9 marvelous women, workers from the La Veracruz, Barbacoas and El Raudal sectors in the center of Medellin. This first group was made possible by the *Putamente Poderosas collective with whom we have been working hand-in-hand since the start of the year.

Together with them, we created this new collection woven in fique, natural cotton fibers, and wooden beads.


*Putamente Poderosas is an organization that seeks to highlight the issues surrounding sex work in Colombia, and to become a bridge between sex workers, the government, and the citizenry, to achieve social transformation.

Special thanks to all the people who made this first collection possible.

  • Juan Pablo Trujillo Urrea
  • Juliana Correa
  • Melissa Toro 
  • Camilo Echeverri
  • Natalia Gutiérrez
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